Ikonic Big Paddle Brush Supremo

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Designed for comfort and maximum detangling, this Ikonic supremo paddle brush is one of the leading detangling brushes. Plus, it’s also furnished with soft ballpoint tips which softly massage the scalp, elevating circulation and stimulating the hair follicles. What makes this paddle brush so unique is its innovative & flexible IntelliFlex bristles, which let the brush glide easily through hair without causing snagging or pulling.

Additional Features:
1. Flexible intelliflex bristles
• Avoids tangling and breakage, gently massages on hair and scalp
2. Ionic and ceramic infused pins
• Smooths frizz and avoid flyaways, anti-static
3. Ball-tipped bristles
• Avoids hair being snag or pull off.
4. Flexible air cushion
• Good quality and durable
5. Big brushing body x ergonomic handle design
• Big brushing body suitable for professional stylists, ergonomic handle comfortable for gripping, anti-slipping